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History and Frequently Asked Questions


We are an independently owned and operated Corvette specialty dealer that opened in October 1991.  Our employees possess a vast array of extensive Corvette knowledge and experience. As a standalone Corvette store in Atlanta, Georgia,  we know our success depends on delivering superior service in every aspect of the business. As enthusiasts ourselves, we look to maximize the buying and ownership experiences for loyal repeat buyers, friends and new buyers. We support many Corvette Clubs, NCRS events, and intend to continue this trend. We believe in a consultative selling process without high pressure and demeaning tactics. Whether you are interested in an investment, a weekend driver, or a daily driver, allow us to assist you in finding the perfect Vette for your needs.  We specialize in rust-free Corvettes, and we take our business very seriously; both as a passion for the product, as well as assisting our loyal customers to fulfill their dreams.

From Greg Rush, our Founder and President:

"What do I say most everyday to my employees? No one needs a Corvette, but most everyone wants one. We are selling dreams, and it is up to all at Buyavette to assist in making sure our buyers fulfill their dreams. It is up to us to offer test drives in different cars to every customer, as well as put our cars on a lift and let the customer inspect the underside for themself. Anyone can dress up a Vette to look good on the outside, but so many are being bought by customers across the U.S. with issues underneath the car, particularly on older vehicles.

Additionally, we offer to pull up other similar Corvettes across the U.S. and compare prices, equipment, and miles, and we even offer a free Carfax report on our competitors' vehicles. We have the most sophisticated software in the industry, which tracks every Corvette advertised in the U.S., complete with miles, colors, and options.

We are not here to sell, but rather to assist you in making an informed purchase. After all, Corvettes sell themselves if they are in good condition, serviced, and priced competitively.

Without these attributes, we would not be able to say that we've been in business for over 25 years with a great reputation. We want to make sure that everyone is treated like family by offering full disclosure on all our vehicles, as well as assisting you with competitive information so that you can make a subjective decision based on the facts."


Do you offer warranties? We offer a FREE 2 YEAR/50K WARRANTY with purchase of all qualifying vehicles at advertised price. This powertrain warranty is a limited warranty and covers the engine and transmission up to a reasonable amount per vehicle.  We know that we are the only company in the world offering a FREE 2 YEAR/50K WARRANTY, and we are able to offer this only because we have such a large Service Department with a great team of experienced Corvette technicians that know exactly what issues to look for, and how to fix them right the first time. More information on this warranty can be viewed on our included warranties page. Additional information is available on request. Extended warranties are also available. These extended warranties are more closely related to a factory bumper-to-bumper warranty and would cover electrical issues such as power windows, power door locks, headlights, and seat motors, as well as other issues not covered by our standard free warranty. Typically, an extended warranty is sold by a dealer to generate extra profit. Conversely, we offer them to you as a  convenience and a peace of mind. Please inquire with a sales assistant for copies of and pricing for these warranties.  

Do you finance cars? Yes, we will finance nearly every car in inventory, regardless of model year. Please see our Financing page for more info.

Do you offer gap insurance?
We offer additional gap insurance to cover the difference between what an insurance company will cover and the total investment you have in your car. Gap insurance becomes important in the unfortunate situation of your vehicle being stolen or totaled. Please ask your a sales assistant for specific information and pricing.

Do you accept trades?
We accept ALL cars on trades; your car need not be a Corvette in order for us to take it in. Please bring your car in for an estimate. If you would like to get an idea of your trade value, you may use some of the online price guides to obtain an estimate; we recommend Kelly Blue Book (http://www.kbb.com) and NADA (http://www.nadaguides.com). As is the case with all dealerships, trade-ins are valued with a realistic wholesale price rather than a retail value. In some cases, you may want to consider selling your trade via private party if you are looking to get closer to a retail value.  For an accurate trade number from us, please use our trade-in form.

Will you buy my Corvette from me? We are interested in buying any and all nice driving Corvettes. Jack Stanford is ready and willing to assist you with your questions. Please call and ask for him or e-mail him directly at jack@buyavette.net.  We do our best to offer a fair price when buying vehicles for our inventory; however, you may wish to consign your Vette with us if our offer does not meet your needs.  Click here for more information regarding the sale of your Vette.

Do you take consignments? We are always looking for Corvettes for consignment.  Although we own the vast majority of the cars on our lot, consignments are always welcome. If your Vette is in good working order with a nice frame and no major issues, then simply bring it here and we will do all the work for you!  We advertise our Vettes on our website as well as AutoTrader, Corvette Trader Online, Used Corvettes For Sale, Hemmings Motor News, Old Car Online, AutoTrader Classics, ClassicCars.com, Corvette Magazine, AutaBuy, and other national publications and websites. Because we can represent your Corvette properly, arrange financing, offer our free 2 year warranty, accept trades, and arrange shipping anywhere in the world, it makes sense to leave the hassles associated with selling up to us.  If your car is older, particularly rare, or has extremely low-mileage, we will consider agreeing to keep it in our beautiful indoor showroom.  No need to be concerned about the safety of your vehicle; our staff will respect and love your Corvette as if it were their own. With over 1,000 sales of consignments, and 100% customer satisfaction, we are confident that you will be pleased with our results.  Click here for more information regarding the consignment of your Vette.

Can anyone test drive a Vette? Due to insurance policies, a Sales Representative must accompany all customers on test drives. Under GA law, a purchaser of any vehicle must be at least 18 years old. Some consigned cars may not be available for test drives due to the wishes of the owner.  We hope that you will respect this as well as we do. 

What does "numbers matching" mean? Usually pertaining to an engine, but can also pertain to a transmission or rear-end. A numbers matching engine will show the same VIN as the car, and a correct casting number for that model year. Additionally, the assembly date of the engine will be before the casting date of the engine, and before the final assembly date of the car. Also, in order to be numbers matching, the engine stamp pad (which shows the car's VIN and engine assembly date) must appear not to have been tampered with at any point. Note that this is different from a "restoration engine with matching numbers", which means that the stamp pad has apparently been tampered with, but still shows the car's VIN, an acceptable assembly date, and is believed to be the same type of engine that the car would have originally been equipped with. When pertaining to a manual transmission, matching numbers means that the transmission's date code lines up with the car's assembly date code, and may or may not also show a VIN that matches the car's VIN, depending on the model year. As rear-ends were never stamped with a car's VIN, numbers matching, as it pertains to rear-ends, only means that the rear-end's date code is in line with the car's assembly date.

Please note that "numbers matching" does not in any case mean the same thing as the word "original"; as we are not the original owner of our vintage cars and do not know their complete history, there is no way for us to tell with 100% certainty that any component is original to any car, including the engine and drivetrain.

What does NOM mean? NOM stands for Not Original Motor. An NOM car is one that has had another engine swapped into it at some point, or one that has a blank engine stamp pad and cannot be fully verified as numbers matching.

What is a "restoration trim tag"? A restoration trim tag is one that has been determined NOT to have originally come with the car, but shows codes and colors that currently match up to the car. The original trim tag could have been lost, or simply replaced to match the car's current state.

What exactly do "avg", "good", "vg", and "exc" mean in your vehicles' descriptions? These are all words describe the cosmetic condition of a car's components. Avg, or average, means that the component is below good condition, and may be in need of service or replacement. Good descibes a component that while not great, is in "okay" condition. Vg, or very good, describes a component that shows some flaws, but is still well above average. Exc, or excellent, descibes a component is in new or near new condition. Please note that these descriptions are only used to describe cosmetic condition, and not functional condition. Additionally, there is no guarantee to any component's condition, as words like "good" and "excellent" are purely subjective. Nonetheless, we describe these components to the best of our ability.

Why are your Corvettes more expensive than everyone else's? Buyavette specializes in "hand-picked Corvettes" that are fully serviced, and in well above average condition for the year/miles. On late model cars, we generally try to avoid low-optioned cars and those that do not have clean Carfaxes, and seek out cars that are either fully loaded or close to it. Many of our late model cars are Certified, and represent an even higher standard of quality than our normal inventory. After doing research, many of our customers have found that our cars are actually NOT more expensive than others when they add up the costs of repairs such as tires, upholstery work, paintwork, and other reconditioning that a competitor's car may need. We however adhere to strict quality control standards when purchasing, as well as inspections and service. Additionally, we do not stock cars with salvage titles and other major history problems. Bottom line: you may pay a litte less up front elsewhere, but you will quickly find that your savings is not exactly a savings after you've spent the money to bring it up to the standards of a Corvette from Buyavette.

Where is your parts department located? We currently do not have a parts department located on our premises.

Do you offer a service to verify trim tags or engine stamp pads on classic Vettes? We do not offer an in-house service, as verification would not mean much coming from the us, the seller of the vehicle. We recommend using Classic Car Affirmation Service, which is well-known throughout NCRS to be the premiere verification service for vintage Corvettes. See CCAS's website here for more info.

Can I get a third party to inspect one of your Vettes for me? Yes, and we strongly encourage doing so in order to maximize your satisfaction with your Corvette purchase. We can also recommend a third party inspector for you, if you wish.

Can I return my Vette if I'm not happy with it? We do offer a 48 hour Money Back Guarantee* for sight unseen purchases, provided that the vehicle is inspected by a third party prior to the sale. Other stipulations apply; please see our Money Back Guarantee page for more info.



Out of State Sales F.A.Q.


Can you deliver my car to me? We are accustomed to delivering vehicles anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. We will arrange for the vehicle to arrive directly to the port of demarcation. For U.S. deliveries, we will arrange the best and most cost-efficient delivery method for each customer. Additional information on transporting is available here

Do I have to have my car delivered to me? No, you are more than welcome to drive or trailer it back on your own.

Do I have to pay sales tax twice (Georgia and my state)? No, you are only responsible for your own local taxes. You do not have to pay Georgia sales tax in addition to that.

Can I still get a temporary tag? Yes, we are required by law to issue you a temporary tag, regardless of the state that you are registering the car in.



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